This one-off large bowl was thrown on the wheel, and has a beautiful shallow profile making it ideal as a fruit bowl, or large serving bowl.


The outside of the bowl has  been carved with a tiny loop tool around the rim, and remains unglazed, giving it a wonderful texture and interest.


On the inside I’ve been more fluid in my glaze application, with both clear glossy and matte mustard glazes poured, and left to drip and move around the contours of the surface. There’s been some lovely crystallisation where the glazes have overlapped, and much darker mustard tones where the glaze application is thicker. This can never be predicted or controlled and is truly unique.


The bowl is perfect to be displayed on it's own, used as a table centre piece or as a fruit bowl. It is intended to be a beautiful piece that can be used very day. 


The bowl has been fired to 1240 degrees, making it fully food and dishwasher safe.


Measures approx 25cm diameter, 7cm tall

Large shallow stoneware bowl